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How to Identify Issues After Car Repair

For many car owners, dealing with a car repair can be a devastating experience particularly if it was the first time that their car has ever been involved in an accident. Perhaps the last time you saw your car was when it was being towed away from the venue where the accident took place. Days or weeks later and your car is still parked in an auto repair shop as attendants take care of fixing what was broken in your vehicle. If you’re like one of the many new car owners, how do you know that the repair attendant is properly fixing your vehicle?

As always, the trick to having a guarantee on how well your car gets fixed is by picking the right repair shop that you can rely on. You may have already found a repair shop to help you take care of fixing your car but even then, it doesn’t mean you should not inspect how well they performed their job in fixing your vehicle. It still pays to be knowledgeable and to thoroughly inspect the work that your auto repair company has done.

To identify any issues after your car has been repaired, it is good to understand what you need to look out for. Here are some of these things:

Be knowledgeable of your car upfront

The moment you drop off your car to an auto repair shop is also the time when the repair starts. This means that you should already be clear on what the repairman needs to fix and how it intends to do this. If you don’t have much knowledge on cars, you can have your car be checked beforehand so you know what to expect during the repair process. Typically, they will present some options on how to achieve fixing your car. They will give out some options for you to consider and decide upon, especially if there are a few alternate ways to fix your vehicle.

Once you have decided on an option on how to fix your car, you should get everything in writing. It is also a good idea to know about the warranty they provide to every vehicle they work on. This way, you know that if the repair wasn’t done right, you’ll be able to bring your car back to them without any problem. When it’s time for you to return to check up on your car, you can review the paperwork prepared beforehand so you can confirm that the shop was able to fix your car accordingly. If you are working with a reputable auto repair shop, you shouldn’t be afraid of going through every step with them as this is something they will openly discuss with you.

Take a closer look

It’s also important that you closely inspect the area that was repaired to see if your car has been repaired properly. You can check for any gaps between body panels as any gaps mean that the panels were not aligned correctly. You should also make sure that your doors easily open and close so you can be sure they have been aligned properly.

If the damage is on the front-end of your car, your auto repair shop may have a difficult time repairing it perfectly; especially if it was an extensive damage. You can make sure that the repair was done correctly by looking at the distance from the tire and the fender. If one side is narrow while the other is wide, it could mean that something wasn’t properly fixed. It is also good to turn on your headlights to check if the light beams are even.

Apart from visually inspecting your car for any signs, you should also make sure that the automated printout of your car’s frame specifications are in place. If you have brought your car to a reliable car repair shop, the damaged area of your car will be measured before and after the repair. This document can serve as reference to make sure that the repair was done right.

A clean car is a good sign

When it’s time to pick up your car from the auto repair shop, it should have already been cleaned, washed, and vacuumed. It should have no dirt, dust, or any old parts in your trunk. This is one thing that auto repair shops typically do when they are fixing a car. Before they turn it over to the owner, it should have been cleaned so it looks appealing; especially since repair shops are among the dirtiest places in the world. Apart from making your car look nice, it is also one way they can let you know that they value doing business with you since they made sure that your car will be good to go just before you pick it up.
These are very minor things to check to ensure that your auto repair shop has fixed your car properly.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.